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Enliten Education Group is an educational multi-service provider offering customized services with proprietary high-end international education brand names.

Enliten consists of Enliten Education Technology (Guangzhou) Inc.,Enliten International Education Academy (Foshan), and Enliten Creatus Education Technology (Canada) Inc. It has rich experience in the design, development, training and management of international curriculum and English language proficiency courses.

The self-developed company proprietary products include a series of teaching methods, teaching software systems and training question pools that support a variety of English standard tests (IELTS, CELPIP, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, etc.) and international curriculum (AP courses, A-level & C-level test preparation courses, etc.)

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Chris Chen

Founder of Creator of Deciprics English teaching and learning system

Associate Professor Chen, Jian (alias “Qitian”) is Enliten’s founder, general manager and brand leader. He invented the proprietary “Deciprics” English teaching and learning system and has devoted himself to English training for 28 years, with over 300,000 students trained and over 1,000 of them successfully obtained offer from world-renowned schools to further their study abroad.

Our “Enliten” online training platform based on “Deciprics” system enables AI technology with interactive instruction-learning scenarios, allowing the whole training process digitalized and customized to each student’s individual needs, thus it quickly promotes students’ learning capacity and significantly improves our instruction efficiency, reflecting the promising new direction of future education and training.

Enliten also attaches importance to the cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions and has established collaborations with Guangdong University of Foreign Studies(GUangzhou, PRC), Nord Anglia International School (Foshan, PRC), Global Education Academy(Canada), HuJingChao Vocational High School(Shunde, PRC), Shanghai Anglia Educational Information Consulting Co., Ltd. and Canada Royal Northville College(Canada). With B2B training products, it helps their partners improve their students’ performance on English standard tests and adopt the “Enliten” series of instruction stuffs and software supporting products. All these proprietary self-developed products empower our collaborators to train teaching staff, better their teaching methods, enhance management and ensure satisfactory delivery, comprehensively enhancing their competitiveness and innovation capabilities.

Academy Profile

At present, Enliten International Education Academy alone offers training services in three formats, namely full-time boarding study, part-time study and online study. Every year, around 300 to 400 students enroll in our high-end customized training programs of the academy, 80% of them trained for standard English tests and 20% of them participate in various international curriculums.


Educational System

Pre-class Planning

Our products are designed to provide ready materials for lesson planning, and a library from which the teacher can select and customize exercises. Hence, the teacher will have fewer worries, and make unique classes effectively and efficiently.

In-class Interaction

Fun games promote teacher-student interaction and make exciting and active classes.

After-class Homework

The APP Library enables the teacher to select exercises and assign them to the student. The AI-based correction system saves the teacher's time and visualizes the student's grade and performance.

Teacher Service

For the use of the Enliten APP, we provide training on teaching ability and skills, and training on student management. 。

Supervision over Student Performance

Supervision over the student account and the teacher account guarantees safety and control. Digitalized student performance and teacher's ability make the teaching process more efficient and reliable.

Customized Platform

The user can customize the APP, including its institutional logo, importing teaching materials, and individualizing the materials through the APP platform.

Popular Courses


IELTS Advanced Course (Target score: 7-7.5)

You will be guaranteed an IELTS band 7 minimum in two months and prepped for applying to top universities abroad by the following course:

IELTS Advanced Listening Breakthrough

IELTS Advanced Reading Breakthrough

IELTS Advanced Writing Breakthrough

IELTS Advanced Speaking Breakthrough

Finishing Session: IELTS Mocking Test Practice

Final Prep Session: Inspiration and Ignition


CELPIP Advanced Course (Target score: 8-9)

You will be guaranteed an average score above 8 in three months for your career success by the following course:

CELPIP Advanced Listening Insight

CELPIP Advanced Reading Insight

CELPIP Advanced Writing Insight

CELPIP Advanced Speaking Insight

CELPIP Mocking Test Practice

Final Prep Session: Inspiration and Ignition


TOEFL Advanced Course (Target score:110)

You will be guaranteed 110 TOFEL score in one month and prepped for applying top oversea universities:

TOEFL Listening Proficiency Skills

TOEFL Reading Proficiency Skills

TOEFL Writing Proficiency Skills

TOEFL Speaking Proficiency Skills

Finishing Session: TOEFL Mocking Test Practice

Final Prep Session: Inspiration and Ignition